d’Études sur le

 Bâtiment (CÉB)





for Building

Studies (CBS)


Faculty Research areas
Dr. S. Alkass Construction engineering and management
  • Construction equipment management
  • Management information systems in construction
  • Construction delay analysis and claims
  • Resource management using neural networks
  • Economic evaluation of construction projects
  • Contractor's cash flows and delays
Dr. A. Athienitis Solar energy engineering, energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy, energy efficiency. Integrated photovoltaics/solar energy utilization systems
  • Modeling, optimization and control of building thermal systems
  • Heating ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Numerical simulation of heat transfer
  • Thermal performance of the building envelope
  • Daylighting, computer control of motorized shading devices and dimmable lights
Dr. P. Fazio Building envelope
  • The performance of the building envelope
  • Movement of heat, air & moisture
  • Energy efficiency
Dr. D. Feldman Building materials
  • Polymers (plastics, adhesives, sealants etc)
  • Composites based on synthetic fibres
  • Polymers and organic compounds for energy conservation
Dr. F. Haghighat Indoor air quality
  • Building material characterization
  • Modeling of airflow and contaminant dispersal
  • Indoor air environmental control strategies
  • Measurement techniques for airflow and indoor Air Quality
  • Advanced ventilation technologies (Hybrid ventilation)
Dr. T. Stathopoulos Wind engineering
  • Wind effects on buildings & building aerodynamics
  • Wind environment
  • Dispersion of pollutants in the urban environment
  • Computational wind engineering
  • Codification of wind effects
Dr. M. Zaheeruddin HVAC and Control Systems
  • Decentralized and Multivariable controls
  • Optimization of HVAC processes
  • Experimental Methods in HVAC Controls
  • Computer-Aided Design of HVAC Systems
  • Diagnostics of HVAC Systems
Dr. R. Zmeureanu Energy efficiency
  • Design and analysis of energy-efficient buildings.
  • Sustainable development concept applied to buildings
  • Second law analysis of HVAC systems
  • Optimization of life cycle performance of buildings and HVAC systems
  • Computer modelling of energy performance of buildings and HVAC systems
  • Computer modelling of refrigeration systems for ice rinks
  • Net zero energy houses
  • Analysis and validation of building energy analysis programs.
  • Impact of building design and control strategies on thermal comfort

Research Laboratories

Laboratory Contact Personnel
Building Acoustics LaboratoryMs. Olga Soares
Building Aerodynamics Laboratory Dr. T. Stathopoulos
Building Envelope Performance
Environmental Chamber
Dr. P. Fazio
Building Materials Laboratory Dr. P. Fazio
Construction Engineering and ManagementDr. S. Alkass
Energy Efficiency in Buildings Dr. A. Athienitis
Dr. R. Zmeureanu
Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation LaboratoryDr. F. Haghighat
Solar Energy and Lighting Dr. A. Athienitis
Structures LaboratoryMs. Olga Soares
Thermal Analysis LaboratoryDr. P. Fazio
Thermal Environment and HVAC Control LaboratoryDr. M. Zaheeruddin